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Praise for SpoonBest™

My messy cooktop was so excited to hear about this! I'm forever propping up utensils to avoid drips and other contaminations. This should really be a huge improvement!

Stacey L

I have tried so many ways to avoid contaminating or dirtying something up, when setting down a utensil, while cooking. Your design is perfect.

Robert Z

I looked at the page and laughed at the idea and just about hit the back button. I saw the video and became a backer [on Kickstarter]. This looks like a great concept. Good luck with this, I can't wait to get mine!

Scott F

ScooperDuper™ Features

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Excitement for ScooperDuper™

I have to tell you that since shooting the video, every time I cook I think, 'I need a ScooperDuper!'

Ian M.

They're adorable!

Alicia R.