About Us

DANDY is a kitchenwares brand whose mission is simple: Make Things Better.™ 

DANDY was founded by Mitchell Joe, a product designer and researcher who worked for tech companies (Facebook, Instagram) before starting DANDY. Mitch cooks often and enjoys physical products as much as digital ones, so he started DANDY to improve people's lives in the kitchen. 

DANDY's first product is the SpoonBest™. We think it's the world's best spoon rest because it keeps your countertop clean and often keeps itself clean, because it keeps the dirty part of utensils up in the air. The SpoonBest™ also holds tongs closed without locking them closed. You just put the tongs down and let go, so you don't have to fiddle with the locking mechanism while you're cooking. 

DANDY's second product is the ScooperDuper™ folding food scooper. We think it's the best way to move chopped food from a cutting board to wherever it's going next, whether that's a pot, a pan, or a bowl. If you own a knife and a cutting board, we think you'll enjoy owning a ScooperDuper™. 

Thank you for your support!